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Leaders of The Xiaoshan District POLITICAL Consultative Conference came to the department to supervi

Writer:Huajin|Source:Huajin Pharmaceutical|NewsTime:2020-08-10 10:56:32

On February 12, 2020, Chen Jinliang, vice chairman of Xiaoshan District CPPCC, accompanied by Wang Shengyang, deputy director of Guali Town Investment Promotion Office, and others, went to our company to supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control work after the resumption of work. Jiang Caiying, chairman of the board and general manager of the company, introduced the epidemic prevention and control situation of the company and the security measures to Vice President Chen on the spot. Vice President Chen had a detailed understanding of the number of employees returned to work, the situation of epidemic prevention supplies in place and the difficulties encountered by the company at the present stage. He also inspected the epidemic prevention work in the dormitory and canteen of the company.

Vice Chairman Chen pointed out that the current work of Huazjin Pharmaceutical co., LTD is meticulous and epidemic prevention materials are complete, but the epidemic prevention work should not be lax, we should adhere to and be comprehensive. The company should pay attention to both epidemic prevention and production with the other hand, so as to ensure that the company can safely survive the epidemic and its economic benefits will not be greatly affected.

General manager Jiang Caiying said the company will do its best to prevent the epidemic and ensure the safety of all employees. Only when all employees are safe will we be safe. At the same time, we should speed up the resumption of work as much as possible to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the company.